The Weirdest Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Cryptocurrency is not just a fad but a mainstay of the investment sphere for many traders out there. Apart from the long-standing stalwarts like Bitcoin, many new and interesting cryptocurrency coins have been created for mining. Among these, many coins were created for extremely unconventional purposes, some of which are simply laughable. If you are wondering what cryptocurrency to invest in now, you might want to have a look at some of these weird cryptocurrencies for an unusual addition to your portfolio.

  • Dogecoin

This was introduced in 2013, with the coin featuring the face of a ShibaInu dog, which is the subject of many widely circulated Internet memes. The coin, however, has gained a respectable following among the cryptocurrency trading community for its relatively low cost and ease of mining. It is also popularly used as a tipping currency for users who comment on online forum discussions such as Reddit.

  • Legends Room

These are great cryptocurrency coins to invest in if you want to enjoy the pleasures of Las Vegas at a lower cost. Holders of 5000 of these coins get a free lifetime VIP membership to an exclusive club on the Las Vegas Strip and also get to enjoy drinks and services (except gaming) at 20% off.

  • Unobtainium

The logo for this coin is designed amusingly as an element on the periodic table. It is projected to become the rarest cryptocurrency coin ever with only 250000 coins to be mined over the next 300 years. The cryptocurrency’s official website, in fact, says that Unobtainium will be the ‘platinum’ to Bitcoin’s ‘gold’. It has, however, earned some brownie points for its fair launch, with no coins pre-mined before the official launch event.

  • PandaCoin

This was designed to be an easy cryptocurrency for beginners to get used to trading and features a panda design on the coin. Any holder of PandaCoins in the official PandaBank can earn a 2.5% interest as long as the holder’s computer is running and the bank is open.

  • Skincoin

This is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in if you are a player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This coin allows the player to purchase more skins in the game and also permits making bets with skins in exchange for firearms.

  • Coinye

This amusing cryptocurrency project was dismantled after a lawsuit filed by entertainer Kanye West, whose image in the form of a goldfish was depicted on the coin.