Spanish Opt for Cryptocurrency in Food too!

Cryptocurrency is making all the right noises and it has already been used to travel the world, education, shopping and even as marriage gifts. Almost all service providers and retailers have begun to accept Cryptocurrency these days. Accepting crypto payments is considered a sign of being developed, modern and technologically sound.

Spain is one of the top 5 cryptocurrency friendly places according to a survey listed in Forbes. Spain welcomes new technology and devotes part of their budget to public entities as well, to encourage and develop Research and Development. A lot of sectors in the country have seen the adoption of cryptocurrency off-late.

In Real Estate, Mr. Piso allowed the registering of the sale of a property with Bitcoin and became one of the pioneers of Real Estate, to have done this. Fenosa and Endesa are the first Spanish companies in the energy sector who started trading energy from a Blockchain platform as a part of Enerchain initiative. In the tourism sector, 13Tickets offered tourists services throughout Spain and started accepting Bitcoins for payment. It has also announced that they are developing a token named TourisCoin for the same purpose.

The big news was when the Spanish people could opt cryptocurrency even for food. The popular Spanish restaurant and coffee chain, NOSTRUM, started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for food and coffee. Spanish food pioneer, Nostrum Restaurant, is one of the most popular eating places in Spain. It sells all kinds of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, cakes and salads. The chain also announced recently, that they are planning their very own crypto token, called MealToken. The token is being developed in cooperation with Blockchain platform CryptoFranchise and the ICO is expected anytime this year. With this step, Nostrum becomes the first brand in QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) to create and use its own cryptocurrency.


The goal of this move, according to Nostrum, is to aim at bringing more adoption for hybridized payment systems and allowing more consumer freedom to choose their mode of payment. This certainly feels a great step to benefit the cryptocurrency world.