QTUM to be accepted at Starbucks and Nike


The cryptocurrency market has been developing day by day and now the Zeux app changes it all. It is the world’s first Financial Conduct Authority for mobile payments. They are going to add QTUM as their payment option. It has been used by many of the people all over the world. The mobile app provides a solution to banking, payments, etc in the UK.

About Qtum

Qtum is a public open blockchain platform and is open source. The platform is capable enough to start the new smart contract. It has many of the features along with the smart contract such as UTXO mode, proof of stake, value transferring, etc. This makes it one of the best platforms. QTUM has a DGP (Decentralized Governance Protocol) and is based on PoS. Nowadays there are various other platform and other payment options available.  There are various payment gateways that have started to accept QTUM as their payment. This is giving the platform the whole new verge.

Zeux Platform

Zeux platform has just added QTUM to its app where you can just add the token money. It is providing interoperability. So, you no longer have to wait for the merchants to accept the token. You can use QTUM with all the merchants that are accepting either Samsung pay or Apple pay.

Final words

As a result, this will totally change the future of cryptocurrency. Many of the other payment solutions will also start accepting the open source platform QTUM. So, now QTUM being accepted at all the popular store that accepts Samsung pay and Apple pay, it will be very easy for anyone to pay their money and will give them another option to do so.

Moreover, QTUM’s focus and their real-world application led the platform to be a partner with Amazon web services. According to Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, this inspired them a lot to lunch service that has support for Ethereum as well as Hyperledger.

No doubt, QTUM has totally changed the way people make digital payments and has been growing day by day to become the leading platform.