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Medical Cannabis

Broadly speaking, medicinal cannabis is cannabis prescribed to relieve the symptoms of a medical condition, such as epilepsy. It is important to make the distinction between medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is the form of cannabis that people use to get ‘high’. For some people suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses, conventional medicines do not work, or do not work as effectively as medicinal cannabis. Also, for some patients, conventional medicines may work but cause debilitating side effects that cannabis can help to relieve.

Despite popular opinion, it is not legal for doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis, it is actually still an illegal drug under United States law, and regardless of what efforts are made by different branches of the government, medicinal cannabis cannot be prescribed by doctors. However, several US states have legal medical cannabis clinics and dispensaries, which allow medical patients to use medicinal cannabis derived from marijuana. So if you are suffering from a non-life threatening condition, you can use medicinal cannabis that has been prescribed by a doctor.

What Can You Do?

Because medicinal cannabis is derived from marijuana, it is not recognized by the FDA, the state department of agriculture, or any other government agency. Patients who use medicinal cannabis are still considered to be illegal drug users, even if all agree that the use of cannabinoids cured their condition. Because marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, which means it is extremely dangerous to use, it can not be prescribed by doctors. It should be used under the care of a psychiatrist or by a doctor who knows how to balance the side effects, and not used endlessly. If you are suffering from a non life-threatening condition, talk to a doctor in your state about medical cannabis.

Some forms of medicinal cannabis are not recommended for use. It is still considered illegal to grow marijuana and organize harvesting crops in an illegal growing environment. If you are considering medicinal cannabis, see if it is still available from your providers. If not, when you can no longer use it, try drying and throwing it away, so it will not be accessible to others.

In some states, medicinal cannabis can be prescribed with a recommendation from a doctor. Patients who have a doctor’s recommendation have more likelihood of getting the drug, and are more likely to follow the treatment regimen. Remember, medicinal cannabis can be abused, and in some forms can be very dangerous. If you think you might have a rare form of the disease, or are not sure, see if what you are using is safe for you. For chronic pain, a doctor’s help is still advised.

How safe is medicinal marijuana? Well, if you are taking a prescription medication for your illness, you can not expect to have unique prescription-only marijuana strains, because the pharmacology of these drugs are very similar. One kind may be easier to grow and extract for your own, and another kind may be more addictive or less therapeutic. This means you will have a harder time deciding which kind you want, and you will have to buy both kinds. Patients who grow their own can keep the portions smaller and therefore cheaper, and thus make less of each.

How can I decide?

Talk to your doctor, and find out if medical marijuana is available in your state. Most states allow patients to use a prescription, but two states (oli) do not allow this, fearing they will be divert to drug abuse. However, since there are over two hundred different strains of medicinal cannabis, everyone’s favorite strain will be different, so you will probably not get them all. This may be the key to your decision.

The Weirdest Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Cryptocurrency is not just a fad but a mainstay of the investment sphere for many traders out there. Apart from the long-standing stalwarts like Bitcoin, many new and interesting cryptocurrency coins have been created for mining. Among these, many coins were created for extremely unconventional purposes, some of which are simply laughable. If you are wondering what cryptocurrency to invest in now, you might want to have a look at some of these weird cryptocurrencies for an unusual addition to your portfolio.

  • Dogecoin

This was introduced in 2013, with the coin featuring the face of a ShibaInu dog, which is the subject of many widely circulated Internet memes. The coin, however, has gained a respectable following among the cryptocurrency trading community for its relatively low cost and ease of mining. It is also popularly used as a tipping currency for users who comment on online forum discussions such as Reddit.

  • Legends Room

These are great cryptocurrency coins to invest in if you want to enjoy the pleasures of Las Vegas at a lower cost. Holders of 5000 of these coins get a free lifetime VIP membership to an exclusive club on the Las Vegas Strip and also get to enjoy drinks and services (except gaming) at 20% off.

  • Unobtainium

The logo for this coin is designed amusingly as an element on the periodic table. It is projected to become the rarest cryptocurrency coin ever with only 250000 coins to be mined over the next 300 years. The cryptocurrency’s official website, in fact, says that Unobtainium will be the ‘platinum’ to Bitcoin’s ‘gold’. It has, however, earned some brownie points for its fair launch, with no coins pre-mined before the official launch event.

  • PandaCoin

This was designed to be an easy cryptocurrency for beginners to get used to trading and features a panda design on the coin. Any holder of PandaCoins in the official PandaBank can earn a 2.5% interest as long as the holder’s computer is running and the bank is open.

  • Skincoin

This is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in if you are a player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This coin allows the player to purchase more skins in the game and also permits making bets with skins in exchange for firearms.

  • Coinye

This amusing cryptocurrency project was dismantled after a lawsuit filed by entertainer Kanye West, whose image in the form of a goldfish was depicted on the coin.


The Best Travel Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has seized the imagination of the current generation for its decentralized nature and the potential to make millions. In many ways, cryptocurrency has also become a form of currency that can be used to buy multiple goods and services. Cryptocurrency has also made its way into the travel and tourism industry, with many websites now accepting Bitcoin as a method of online payment. So if you are a travel buff and you are wondering which cryptocurrencies to invest in now, you should certainly invest in Bitcoin and use it to pay for your travel at some of the below mentioned sites.

  • Travel

As the name indicates, Bitcoin.Travel was designed to assist cryptocurrency users with identifying the best hotels and airlines that accept Bitcoin as payment. The Bitcoin.Travel website is designed optimally for mobile use, so travelers on the go can easily see the nearest hotels around them that deal in Bitcoin. It essentially has tie-ups with multiple travel partners and connects Bitcoin users with them.

  • Cheapair

This is the first online travel portal in the world to accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment. Initially open just for flights when launched in 2013, it also permitted hotel booking from the following year. While the travel partners involved do not directly accept Bitcoin as payment, Cheapair acts as a third-party service that accepts crypto from the user and passes on the payment to the travel partner in the form of regular currency.

  • More Stamps Global

Based in Hungary, this travel platform allows users to book an all-inclusive travel experience including flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, and even sightseeing activities by paying with cryptocurrency. Apart from Bitcoin, this platform also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. It also offers support in over 50 languages, thereby allowing users from all over the world to benefit from it.

  • Webjet Exclusives

This travel platform was established in 2015 and has the distinction of being the first Australian travel platform to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Webjet Exclusives is ideal for luxury travelers who are keen to pay in Bitcoin, as it allows them to book flights, cruises or both combined on its tours. Many tour options also include seaplane and train as modes of transport. Some of the destinations that Webjet Exclusives caters to include Scandinavia, Africa, Europe, India, China, and many other alternatives.


How To Get Cryptocurrency For Free?

Gone are the days when cryptocurrency was just a buzzword. This decentralized money system is here to stay, and more and more people are rushing online every day to learn about how to mine cryptocurrency, how to trade cryptocurrency and even how to create a cryptocurrency of their own. There are, however, many cautious players who want to get a feel of cryptocurrency without investing too much in it. They are thus curious to know how to mine cryptocurrency without spending anything. Read on for our quick and easy guide on ways to get cryptocurrency for free.

  • Download a cryptocurrency wallet that offers free cryptocurrency

Some wallets allow you a small amount of free cryptocurrency when you download them, and while the amounts are generally low it’s certainly a start. However, be careful when downloading such wallets so as not to accidentally download malware and corrupt your phone.

  • Sign up for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICOs are held to mark the launch of a new coin, and many of them offer new users free coins, discounts for signing up early or referral bonuses for getting friends to join. This can be a good way for you to get a new cryptocurrency before the rest of the world. However, remember that many ICOs later turn out to be scams, so do your research before opting for them.

  • Use a Proof of Stake (POS) system

Holding coins in a POS system is a great way to get crypto coins for free. In this process, even if you hold a relatively small number of coins, you can make a good passive income. For instance, holding NEO allows you to obtain small amounts of GAS for free when you have your holding on the Binance platform or on a crypto wallet.

  • Hold cryptocurrency in a wallet when a hard fork occurs

A hard fork of a cryptocurrency is basically like a split where the original cryptocurrency generates a new version of itself. Holders of the original cryptocurrency can get free amounts of the new coin – for instance, when the Bitcoin Cash hard fork occurred in 2017 (the original cryptocurrency being bitcoin), all traders who had Bitcoin in their wallet received one free Bitcoin Cash for every wallet. However, it is important to remember that you only benefit from a hard fork when you hold the cryptocurrency in a wallet, not on an exchange.


Yahoo finance cryptocurrency


Yahoo is a well-known search engine. They have many other services along with the search engine they provide along with the sports, email, finance, etc. Yahoo Finance has always been the best choice for many people. Even if people don’t use the search engine more often, people tend to use Yahoo finance.

Something about Yahoo Finance

If you don’t know what yahoo finance is yet, it is a platform owned by Yahoo where you can see all the information related to the finance industry. It shows all the stock market, quotes, news, etc. Along with these, they have several tools that you can use to manage your financial things. This is very much useful platform and is used by many people.

Now, there is just one other reason why you should use Yahoo finance. The reason is that they just integrated the cryptocurrencies along with the other tools they already have.

Yahoo Finance and cryptocurrency

Yahoo finance also has all the information related to cryptocurrencies now. You don’t need to open one of your cryptocurrency wallets to know anything about the cryptocurrency. You can easily get to know each and everything right from Yahoo Finance.

A separate section is created just for Cryptocurrencies where you can see the price of the cryptocurrencies. The price is real time and hence you can get the exact idea about the trading. It gives you all the information that you will need for the cryptocurrencies.

You will be able to see the intraday price and also the total change that occurred. You can see the amount of change in native currency and also in percentage. They have a whole list of the digital currencies that they currently support. All you have to do is open their cryptocurrency section and see which works the best.

In this way, you can invest your money or do your next trade easily using Yahoo Finance. It’s just the start, they are still adding more features to it. The currencies are increasing and soon all currencies will be supported.

QTUM to be accepted at Starbucks and Nike


The cryptocurrency market has been developing day by day and now the Zeux app changes it all. It is the world’s first Financial Conduct Authority for mobile payments. They are going to add QTUM as their payment option. It has been used by many of the people all over the world. The mobile app provides a solution to banking, payments, etc in the UK.

About Qtum

Qtum is a public open blockchain platform and is open source. The platform is capable enough to start the new smart contract. It has many of the features along with the smart contract such as UTXO mode, proof of stake, value transferring, etc. This makes it one of the best platforms. QTUM has a DGP (Decentralized Governance Protocol) and is based on PoS. Nowadays there are various other platform and other payment options available.  There are various payment gateways that have started to accept QTUM as their payment. This is giving the platform the whole new verge.

Zeux Platform

Zeux platform has just added QTUM to its app where you can just add the token money. It is providing interoperability. So, you no longer have to wait for the merchants to accept the token. You can use QTUM with all the merchants that are accepting either Samsung pay or Apple pay.

Final words

As a result, this will totally change the future of cryptocurrency. Many of the other payment solutions will also start accepting the open source platform QTUM. So, now QTUM being accepted at all the popular store that accepts Samsung pay and Apple pay, it will be very easy for anyone to pay their money and will give them another option to do so.

Moreover, QTUM’s focus and their real-world application led the platform to be a partner with Amazon web services. According to Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, this inspired them a lot to lunch service that has support for Ethereum as well as Hyperledger.

No doubt, QTUM has totally changed the way people make digital payments and has been growing day by day to become the leading platform.

Understanding Bitcoin Core


If you are into the cryptocurrency world, then you must have surely heard about Bitcoin core, but not all people understand the true meaning of Bitcoin core. Bitcoin Core is an open-source and free software which helps to power the bitcoin nodes. There are many other software present in the crypto market like Bitcoin core, but it is the most popular one.


Nodes of Bitcoin Core

As per a recent study, it is found that almost 96% network is comprised of the bitcoin core nodes because of its wide adaptation and popularity. They are also frequently used for testing new developments as they offer “testnet”, a testing environment for the developers. In this environment, the developers can use a dummy or fake coins to test how their development will affect the blockchain chain.

Uses of Bitcoin Core Users:

  • It uses the Bitcoin Core wallet, which is a default feature of the core.
  • It generates the QR codes for the users which they can use to get paid in Bitcoins.
  • It positions a full node on the network
  • It has a network alert system which alerts the user about the changes made on the network.


Development of Satoshi Bitcoin Core

The Bitcoin core client was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and was initially called as Bitcoin only. Later it was also known to be called as the “Satoshi Client” because it limits the power a developer has over the changes made in the network. The word core was added to differentiate between the bitcoin core and the bitcoin network.

Running a Bitcoin Core Node

The Bitcoin core Node is not challenging and difficult as it may seem, but running this node needs technical proficiency. Running the bitcoin core node ensure increased privacy and security in the network.

Bitcoin core is not the only node which must be used in order to run the transaction but other nodes can also be used efficiently. Many people run nodes of other organizations and people but it is recommended to use the Bitcoin core node only. It is the original node, has increased feature of privacy and widely adopted by all.

Things you should avoid after investing in Bitcoins

Bitcoins is one of the number one investments in the market and although not at a low-risk, it can give you great returns if you invest in it smartly. But if you have invested in Bitcoins or planning to do it in the near future, here are some of the things which you should avoid after investing in the Bitcoins.


  1. Never keep your coins in the Exchanges

It is recommended to keep your Bitcoins only in your digital secure wallets rather than the exchanges. Because these exchange wallets can be hacked and you can lose your bitcoins easily.

So, in order to ensure the security of your coins, you should always store them in secure hardware wallets or mobile wallets where you hold the private key of the wallet.

  1. Don’t shout to the world

If you have invested in Bitcoins, then it is best to keep quiet about it and not tell others about the number of Bitcoins you own. It can be a big risk because some people may take extreme steps just to rob you of your bitcoins.

For example, if you had invested in Bitcoins at an earlier stage and purchased them for just $20 dollars and told your friends about it. Now your bitcoins are worth $800,000 dollars, and you keep telling people about your good fortune, so some people might be there who will take steps to rob you of your Bitcoins and get ahold of that money. So it is best, to keep quiet and invest in bitcoins silently as the security of your Bitcoins lies in your hands only.

  1. Don’t check the prices every moment

The prices of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, keep on fluctuating so if you are monitoring the prices every moment, you will get a shock every moment. You might get rich in one second and get extremely poor the next. It might set a panic reaction and you might sell off all your Bitcoins just in the fear mode.

So, if you are investing in Bitcoins as an investor and not as a day-trader, then treat it like any other investment and don’t check the prices on a regular basis. You should always focus on long-term goals rather than the short-term goals.

Margin Trading for Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trading in cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable ventures but requires funds to accomplish it. To tackle this issue of funding, different exchanges provide margin money for day-trading to the crypto traders.

Although margin trading is very risky but higher risks gives higher profits. It should be done carefully and you should have the technical competency to accomplish higher profits using margin trading in the crypto market.


What is Margin Trading?

Margin trading is the form of trading in which the traders get margin money in proportion to the money they already have for trading.

For example, if you have $10 available for trading, then for margin trading you can borrow $100 for trading on this existing $10. This is known as leverage.


Best Exchanges for Margin trading

  1. Poloniex

Poloniex is a US-based exchanged founded by TristanD’Agosta in 2014. It is a leading exchange and provides trading discounts for its regular users and margin trading for advanced users.

The maximum margin is 2.5X BTC on Poloniex.


  1. BitMEX

BitMEX is one of the most reliable product in the crypto market because of its highly qualified team of economists, traders and developers. It provides 2FA (two-factor authorisation) to its traders and margin trading for 6 different cryptocurrencies.

The maximum leverage is 100x for XBT (Bitcoin) and 20x and 50x for other cryptocurrencies.

  1. Kraken

Kraken is one of the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchanges which provides margin trading for both Bitcoins and Altcoins. It provides different fiat currencies like EUR, USD, CAD, GBP etc.

Kraken provides margin trading with 6 cryptocurrencies and fiat and you can leverage according to 16 different pairs.

  1. Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro is one of the leading exchange and known for its multi-language support in the international market since 2013. It provides margin trading for a number of different cryptocurrencies with a maximum of 5X in BTC.

It is to be kept in mind that margin trading is very risky and not recommended for beginners. Even experienced traders incur heavy losses in margin trading, so it is recommended only for those who are experienced and good at day trading and understand the intricacies of the function room well.

Spanish Opt for Cryptocurrency in Food too!

Cryptocurrency is making all the right noises and it has already been used to travel the world, education, shopping and even as marriage gifts. Almost all service providers and retailers have begun to accept Cryptocurrency these days. Accepting crypto payments is considered a sign of being developed, modern and technologically sound.

Spain is one of the top 5 cryptocurrency friendly places according to a survey listed in Forbes. Spain welcomes new technology and devotes part of their budget to public entities as well, to encourage and develop Research and Development. A lot of sectors in the country have seen the adoption of cryptocurrency off-late.

In Real Estate, Mr. Piso allowed the registering of the sale of a property with Bitcoin and became one of the pioneers of Real Estate, to have done this. Fenosa and Endesa are the first Spanish companies in the energy sector who started trading energy from a Blockchain platform as a part of Enerchain initiative. In the tourism sector, 13Tickets offered tourists services throughout Spain and started accepting Bitcoins for payment. It has also announced that they are developing a token named TourisCoin for the same purpose.

The big news was when the Spanish people could opt cryptocurrency even for food. The popular Spanish restaurant and coffee chain, NOSTRUM, started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for food and coffee. Spanish food pioneer, Nostrum Restaurant, is one of the most popular eating places in Spain. It sells all kinds of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, cakes and salads. The chain also announced recently, that they are planning their very own crypto token, called MealToken. The token is being developed in cooperation with Blockchain platform CryptoFranchise and the ICO is expected anytime this year. With this step, Nostrum becomes the first brand in QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) to create and use its own cryptocurrency.


The goal of this move, according to Nostrum, is to aim at bringing more adoption for hybridized payment systems and allowing more consumer freedom to choose their mode of payment. This certainly feels a great step to benefit the cryptocurrency world.