Should I Hire a Marketing Manager for my ICO?

With so many ICOs out there trying to capture the attentions of investors, it is very important that those behind the projects do everything they can to make them stand out. This means there is an inevitably huge push on marketing. To enact such dedication, the hiring of a professional really is crucial. That said, why should you look to hire a marketing manager or agency to assist your project? – Here are a few reasons:

Cost vs Reward

When considering this choice, you must think how much you are willing to allocate in terms of budget. This means, how much of the budget you are willing to dedicate to marketing as a whole for the project, and of this amount, how much you can set aside for a marketing manager. ICOs in the current climate require skilled marketing more than ever, and it is not uncommon to see projects allocate over half of their funds to marketing. If you are confident of success, then the salary of a skilled marketing manager will repay its cost multiple times over.

Time and Expertise

Time management is essential in any project. There are so many things to do and simply not enough time to get them done. This means you have to be smart with your planning and allocation of duties. Marketing is a time intensive activity which should ideally be left in the full-time care of a professional to allow you to focus on other areas.


Reputation is a big talking point in the ICO world these days, with many accusations that influential platform members from the likes of ICOBench have been distributing their highly weighted “expert” ratings to projects in exchange for payment. This is unethical to say the least. A marketing manager can add a tangible layer of trust among your team which will enhance the overall value the investor sees in the projects. Again, this should ultimately lead to a more successful raise of funds.